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A renowned translator of the English language, Jana Jašová brought over three hundred books of various genres to the Czech market. She was awarded the Golden Ribbon for translating youth fiction Oath Breaker by Michelle Paver. After two novels for women (Kroky, co slýcháš /Steps You Used to Hear/and Babí slet /Woman Gathering/), Jana Jašová wrote the children's book Psí dny /Dog Days/, which won her the 2021 Golden Ribbon award and its sequel Psí dečky /Dog Spats/. She was nominated for a Magnesia Litera award in the crime fiction category for her psychological thriller Znič to jméno /Doff Thy Name/. She is staying truthful to this genre with the thriller Krutý měsíc /The Cruel Month/. Jana Jašová lives in Kralupy nad Vltavou, and when she is not writing, translating or reading, you can find her in the local swimming pool doing laps or searching for cheap flights to destinations suitable for her next imaginary crime.

E-mail: jasova68@seznam.cz


Psí dny /Dog Days/

In the small town of Kostelec in the heart of Europe, twelve-year-old Rebeka is trying to survive another lonely holiday, unaware that she has been targeted by a race of intelligent dogs whose ancestors once crashed on Earth in search of the Promised Planet and have been surviving here ever since disguised as pets. Now they finally have a chance to return - but they need Rebecca to get them a rare alloy from the mad genius professor's lab, without which their rocket cannot be repaired.

Such a task cannot be accomplished solo; it will take a whole expedition to pull it together, involving not only the four-legged canine heroes but also Rebeka's new friends Linda and David. However, the canine exodus from Earth also has its opponents, who will try to thwart the BARK Mission at any cost…

Psí dečky /Dog Spats/

The second part of the trilogy follows the story of Psí dny.

The paws of fate lead again to Kostelec, where the trio of child heroes Rebeka, Linda and David try to help their canine friends track down the missing Grandmaster dog. But he is also wanted by dog gangsters who want to subjugate the human race. To make this happen, they also need to obtain a high-powered computer, KITTY, in the form of a black cat, containing the results of all human and canine knowledge, to take over the Earth.

And so Rebeka, Linda and David face another daunting task: to find and protect both the Grandmaster and Kitty while escaping the vicious advances of the cruel gang leader Kruela and her henchmen, as well as a trio of David's classmates who want revenge on them for an alleged harm.

Znič to jméno /Doff Thy Name/

Eighteen years ago, Klára broke all ties with her hometown in eastern Bohemia and moved to Germany. When her father tells her on the phone that someone wants to kill him, the past reaches out for her with an icy hand. After his sudden death, Klara sets out to make all the necessary arrangements for the funeral. And she discovers that a poisonous mixture of secrets still simmers beneath the surface of small-town life. Everyone is hiding something. They all have reason to hate her. And some of them want her dead.

Krutý měsíc /The Cruel Month/

The second COVID-19 Easter. The world is gripped by the strictest epidemic rules, including a night curfew. Yet Tamara wakes up in the middle of the night in her car on a forest path. She is covered in blood and remembers nothing of the last few hours. She has no idea whose blood it is or where her 14-year-old son Ben has gone. The village in the Lusatian Mountains, where the mother and her son spent the holiday weekend, is possessed by paranoia. Where do the roots of the intricate case lead? And will the boy be found before he disappears off the earth?